Don't Let Them In

"I found it very hard to put down..." 

​            "It is well written, has likeable characters (even if they are killers), and            focuses primarily on suspense and surprise as opposed to gore. Horror is        not just about slashers and monsters after all, it has its other side too."

                                              - John Clements,​

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"The lovely and talented Elizabeth Fields seems to have a fine grasp on the short story, and this collection of six horror shorts showcases that ability."

"There are plenty of chills and frights to go around in this compilation. From terrifying newborns to bizarre yard sales, this book has a little bit of everything.

Fields writes with a smooth, simple style that does not overwhelm the reader and allows for a pleasant reading experience. Her prose is well developed and her stories flow well. The result is a fun and thrilling experience that will leave you wanting to read more."

                                       -Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings 

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Reviews and Other News

"Author Elizabeth Fields is well on her way to becoming a phenomenal short story writer, and she proves this with her latest anthology, STILL THE SHADOWS. This is a short collection with only four stories, but quality is not an issue. Fields once again delivers intense and entertaining tales that any horror fan will love."

                 -Matthew Scott Baker, Shattered Ravings

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"Author Elizabeth Fields has compiled an exquisite collection of disturbing tales to whet the appetite of even the most cynical of horror readers. Each tale manages to tackle difficult and controversial subject matter yet doesn’t come across as subservient or preachy."

                           -Dave Gammon,


From Forever YA Fiction
"This is another one of those books that really is YA and not an adult book trying to hide itself under the YA genera. L and Leah’s friendship is believable, and it’s great to see how it unravels. What they experience with their friendship is what most teenage girls go through when they are getting ready to go their separate ways after high school ends. This book is a great read. Elizabeth makes you feel like you’re also part of their journey. This another book you should add to your summer reads." 

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"Midnighters, I have a fantastic post for you today! I had the honor of interviewing actress and author, Elizabeth Fields, who is currently writing the screenplay for a few of her horror stories that are slated to begin filming soon—which is so cool, by the way! The best part???? She is a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!!! Definitely the perfect match for us here at The Midnight Society. Enjoy:)"

From Call Me Crazy Reviews

by Katie, Call Me Crazy 

"I love that Fields made this book believable by using characters that needed to grow and situations that were less than perfect to be in. It felt like I was reading about real life, which was awesome! Also, I love when the Leah and L fan-girled over the band, totally could relate to that!"........

"Fields' did a good job at capturing a 'teen' voice and creating situations that young adults tend to face. How I Spent My Summer Vacation is an awesome Summertime read full of fun, music and a touch of staying true to yourself."

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Review by Renfield Rasputin 

"Clever. One word; clever.That is how I will summarize Still the Shadows by Elizabeth Fields, a collection of four short horror stories suitable for young adults or adults who have a preference other than the hack ‘n slash gore and zombie apocalypse that seems to be on permanent repeat on Amazon’s “Top Choices” list.  Clever tales, clever technical writing, clever delivery and execution. Clever...

Still the Shadows balances the four short horror stories into equal parts of first and third person narrative as well as length, tone, and sentence structure to offer a smooth read that does not have a robotic feel that burdens down the reader. Basically sampling every flavor that is served up in horror author culinary school and balancing it into a four course literature meal."    - Renfield Rasputin, 


author, actress, screenwriter 

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Elizabeth Fields

Elizabeth's story Plenty of Flesh in the Sea has been included in Issue 7 of Cemetery Moon. It is currently available for purchase from Fortress Publishing, Inc. Click HERE to view their site.

   "This story made me smile and cringe at the same time."

                                            -Matthew Scott Baker